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Beweglich mit Rädern aramid kugelsicheren Schild


Modell: Bulletproof Shield


Beweglich mit Rädern aramid bullet proof shield Produktbeschreibung

Protection level NIJ level IV
Material Al2O3+Aramid
Size 120x60cm
Window with windows
Wheels with wheels
Weight 95kg

Bulletproof Material

Aramid UD:  

Kevalar, Twaron, and new types of ceramic materials are adopted in the reseach of ballsitc armor

which conformed to the standards of GA141-2001(China) and NIJ0101.04(USA). The products include single curved surface, double curved surface style; single protection, combined protection application style; the protection level involves the level of NIJ0101.04 level 3A, level 3, level 4 and China GA141-2001 level 1-6. The products are treated with back water-proof packaging and sealing. 

it has adjustable handle and lacing, easy to be used; bullet-proof glass window is adopted.

1. Handschild
2. perfekte ballistische Leistung
3. beweglich mit Rädern
4. leichtes Falten
Warum Uns Wählen

1.Shandong Xinxing Defense Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an internationally professional manufacturer for body armor, bullet proof helmet, ballistic plate and other ballistic products. Our samples have been taken by our clients to test in HP White Laboratory according to NIJ Standard. We guarantee our quality for our products. 


2.With over years' development and experience, we have the performance for mass production. And we can produce 5000PCs kelvar bulletproof vests and 3000PCs bullet proof helmets per month. 


3.Our products have been highly praised by our clients in Europe, America, the Middle East, African and Southeast Asia for years. We will offer competitive products and comprehensive service.

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Produktgruppe : Bullet Proof Shield

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